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Research Studies and Findings Related to MeRT

" The MeRT℠ approach is an innovative and targeted treatment based on powerful third-party research that has been published in the most prestigious scientific journals. Below you will find the peer-reviewed and published research regarding EEGs, rTMS, and MeRT that build the foundation of our approach to treatment of the brain.

Studies on EEG Findings

BM-Science, Composition of brain oscillations in ongoing EEG during major depression disorder, Fingelkurts, et al, 2006.

EEG Changes Associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders,  Boutros et al, 2015.

EEG Analytics for Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Data-driven Approach,” in Scientific Reports, May 2018.

Electroencephalogram abnormalities in panic disorder patients: a study of symptom characteristics and pathology; Hayashi et al, 2010.

The Quantitative Electroencephalogram and the Low-Resolution Electrical Tomographic Analysis in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,  Todder et al, 2012

EEG Alpha Rhythm Frequency and Intelligence in Normal Adults,Anokhin & Vogel, 1996.

Traumatic Brain Injury – An EEG Point of View, lanof and Anghinah, 2017

Neuromodulation Studies and Reports

MeRT Ongoing Clinical Trials with the Department of Defense for PTSD, Post-Concussive Disorders, and TBI

Post-Concussive/TBI Trials

PTSD Trials – Currently Military Specific

Alpha Power For PTSD

Congressional Approval (This is congressional approval for use of MeRT treatment for TBI, Post-Concussive Disorder, and PTSD)

Major Depression





Tourette Syndrome

Bipolar Disorder