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At the Brain Treatment Center, we often work together with other Physicians, Specialists, Mental Health Professionals, Physical Therapists, and other providers to help provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Often a combination of therapies and treatments will accomplish far greater results.

We welcome referrals from other clinics and will work closely together with you to help your patient.

Our doctors are also happy to speak with you to discuss our treatment protocols and answer any questions you may have.

Or fill in the form below. We will ensure you receive reports of any treatments your patient does with us, along with any diagnostics, so that you are kept informed. Collaboration is how we can all get the best possible results.


Refer a Patient to the Brain Treatment Center. To refer a patient to us, please complete the form below. Our team will follow up with the patient directly, or we will contact you by phone or email with any questions. We look forward to doing all we can to provide further help for your patients.

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Our New Patient Coordinator is happy to talk with you, explain the our treatment protocols and fees and answer any questions you may have.

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