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New, Advanced Autism Treatment Brings Hope for a Brighter Future!

MeRT Treatment for Autism is Noninvasive and Drug-Free

MeRT uses gentle magnetic waves to balance and stimulate brain function, guided by sophisticated diagnostics and imaging. Results from this treatment are giving many parents renewed hope for a brighter future for their children.

Our providers routinely see better communication and calmer, more stable children after MeRT Treatment (however, results will vary from patient to patient).


Learn How MeRT Treatment Can Help Your Child.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex condition related to brain development. It impacts how someone perceives their environment. As a result, autism can cause problems with social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication, and restricted or repetitive behavior patterns.

Although autism can be diagnosed at any age, symptoms generally appear in the first two years. And most children will show symptoms in the first year. Some, however, may develop normally and then regress at anywhere from 18 and 24 months. This, then, can cause them to lose skills they’ve already learned and stop acquiring new skills.

According to the CDC, one in 54 children is estimated to have autism.  ASD is also four times more common in boys than girls and occurs across all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

No two cases of Autism are the same, as each child is unique and has different severity levels. And even if a child is on a similar “level” as another, they can still have their own ways of dealing with the outside world.

When children are on the mild end of the spectrum, they have a better chance of relating well to others and have fewer behavioral disturbances. Asperger’s Syndrome, for example, falls at the mild end of the autism spectrum.

Those who are on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum, however, will have problems with communication and social skills. As well, the teenage years can bring increased issues stemming from behavior and hormonal changes during this time


Common Autism Signs and Symptoms

  • Doesn’t appear to understand or hear when being spoken to
  • Seems to be disconnected from the outside world and loved ones or caregivers
  • Has no verbal skills
  • Inability to read body language or infer changes in tone of voice
  • Doesn’t make eye contact
  • Has a blank facial expression
  • Appears to lack emotions and compassion
  • Uses monotone or robotic speech patterns
  • Can’t understand simple questions or instructions
  • Responds inappropriately in social settings
  • Disruptive, loud, or hyper-reactive
  • Obsessive about routines
  • Has an abnormal fixation on objects
  • Moves stiffly
  • Rocks back and forth or performs other repetitive movements
  • Exhibits self-harming behaviors such as hitting themselves, biting, or head banging
  • Heightened sensitivity to light and sound
  • High intelligence levels, but the inability to make human connections or feel empathy towards others


We had exhausted every available treatment hoping to help our daughter. Nothing worked—then we discovered this treatment. MeRT changed everything for us.”
-Parent of a child with autism

MeRTsm Treatment for Autism

MeRT, or Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, combines:

By combining these, we can then analyze and formulate treatments tailored to each patient. In essence, this treatment is customized to each child based on the results of their EEG and tailored to their needs as to frequency, location, and power used.

MeRT is not currently FDA-cleared for autism and is considered “off-label.” However, studies have shown that for many children, it can be instrumental in helping them develop skills to function more normally.* This can mean a higher quality of life for both you and your child.

*Results can vary from patient to patient

“We’ve seen some promising results in autism.”

“EEGs (electrical pictures of the brain) can tell us when there are abnormalities in neural networks. … And we run that data through a normative database, and we can see, for example, if somebody has an area in the left prefrontal cortex that’s cycling at two Hertz — which means that they may be only processing information two times per second — whereas the rest of their brain may be cycling 11 times per second. …

“[MeRT] was engineered to be a brain optimization technology where we’re trying to increase the coherence, [so] different areas of the brain can communicate with each other and improve the metabolic efficiency of the brain. With that in mind, we do see some improvements across a number of different dimensions. We’ve seen some improvements and some promising results in autism.” – Dr. Erik Won, President of Wave Neuroscience, from his appearance on the Broken Brain podcast

Dr. Erik Won, President & Chief Medical Officer at Wave Neuroscience

Benefits Of Treating Autism with MeRT *

  • Better sleep
  • Increased sleep duration
  • More relaxed; less anxiety, lessening of stimming behaviors
  • More independence
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Improved interaction with others
  • Better response to commands
  • Mood improvement
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • Reduction of stress symptoms
  • Improved attention span
  • Increased sociability
  • Higher motivation to learn
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Better ability to adapt to change
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • More “presence” in the world going on around them
  • Improved language skills

* Results are based on active and strict observation of our regimens. Results may vary based on the individual user and are not guaranteed.


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MeRT Treatment for Autism Featured on “The Doctors” TV Show

Many children with autism have experienced some miraculous results in their overall function after going through MeRT treatment.* In fact, this state-of-the-art treatment was featured on “The Doctor’s” television show.

Click here to watch this episode!

Meet Our Doctor
Jennifer J. Sosnowski, MD, FAAFP, ABoIM, IFMCP

“I try to meet each patient at the level they need – nurturing, guiding, directing or focusing them as they need me. I want people to have the ultimate in personalized, timely, accessible care. I want to surpass the patient’s ideals for excellent care and service, along with the knowledge to keep themselves healthy and away from doctor’s offices, so they can enjoy living.”

Board-Certified: Family Practice (ABFM); Integrative & Holistic Medicine (ABiHM); Integrative Medicine (ABoIM); Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP) Fellow: American Academy of Family Physicians

MeRT Autism Treatment: What to Expect on your First Visit

Starting as a new patient at MVP Medical Care initially involves two appointments, each lasting about 45 minutes to an hour. Your first appointment is for testing, and your second appointment is for your consultation with Dr. Sosnowski. For patients who prefer to have their first and second appointments before deciding to move forward with treatment, we are happy to work with you on this.

Your MeRT treatment will involve the following steps:

1. Evaluation

We will collect your new patient paperwork at the first appointment, and our neuro technician will complete your child’s qEEG and EKG testing. Truly, this testing is simple and painless: We place a cap on your child’s head to measure the electrical activity in their brain and map out any areas which are not performing as they should. We also place a lead on their chest to capture the EKG data.

Our technicians are experienced and compassionate with special needs kids. They will do everything they can to make this process as easy as possible for your child.

2. Analysis & Protocol

Once we’ve completed your child’s initial tests, we send the data to our scientists and clinical teams. Along with Dr. Sosnowski, they carefully analyze the test results to identify any dysregulation occurring in the brain. Then, based on their analysis, we develop a treatment plan customized to your child’s specific condition and schedule the assessment period of treatment.

Following your qEEG and EKG, your second appointment is a consultation with Dr. Sosnowski. She will answer any questions you may have and let you know more about what to expect during your child’s assessment period of treatment. She will also go over their medical history, along with symptoms.

3. Assessment Period and Evaluation

The assessment period is vital to determine if MeRT will achieve results for your child. Therefore, this treatment period lasts for two weeks. More specifically, treatment for the first week occurs Monday through Friday, followed by the second week of treatment on Monday through Thursday.

If you are traveling from out of town, we aim to schedule your qEEG/EKG on a Friday, then your consultation and first treatment session for the following Monday.

After two weeks of treatment, we perform an additional qEEG and EKG to track your progress and make any needed modifications. We also monitor your progress throughout your daily treatments to confirm how you feel and track any improvements.

Once we complete the appropriate assessment period and you are noting improvements in brain function, we will schedule additional MeRT treatment for two weeks at a time.

At the end of every two weeks, we will perform an additional qEEG/EKG to monitor progress. You will then consult with Dr. Sosnowski to confirm that changes are still showing on the testing.

Most conditions treated with MeRT provide noticeable and long-lasting results after four to eight weeks of treatment. However, each patient is different, and the results may vary.

4. MeRT Treatment

Once your treatment protocols are in place, you will come to therapy five days a week, at two-week intervals. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair while a highly trained neuro-technician places a magnetic coil on your head. This device produces a low-frequency magnetic field to induce mild electrical signals in the targeted areas of the brain.

The stimulation occurs for six to eight seconds every minute. You will be required to close your eyes during that six-to-eight-second period. Additionally, you will typically spend 30 to 45 minutes in the chair each day.


While MeRT treatment isn’t generally covered by insurance, we are happy to provide you with the appropriate paperwork at the end of your treatment. You can then submit the paperwork to your insurance company to see if they will provide you with any reimbursement.

Currently, rTMS is FDA-cleared for Depression and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Therefore, in some cases, we may be able to help you with your insurance company if you are seeking treatment for those issues. Additionally, some patients have reported that they have received some reimbursement for EEGs or clinical evaluations and treatment when treating Major Depressive Disorder, depending on their health coverage. However, Medicare patients have reported that their coverage provides no reimbursement for MeRT. And for non-FDA cleared treatment, it is unlikely that your insurance company will provide you with any reimbursement for MeRT.

We take all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Care Credit is also an option to assist in financing medical expenses. This is a separate company from MVP Medical Care and is a credit card you can use to cover medical costs and services. Often, when you go to the Care Credit website and apply, they will let you know if you are approved very promptly.

Contact Our New Patient Coordinator for More Information

Since MeRT is a relatively new treatment, we understand that you may not be sure if this is right for you or your child. And that’s completely okay. After all, you need to get all the information necessary to make the right decision.

In order to get that information, your first step is a simple, no-obligation phone consultation with our New Patient Coordinator. During this consultation, you can discuss your symptoms and history, ask all the questions you want, and have her explain the protocols, fees, and treatment details.

Our goal is simply this: To help guide you through the healing process, so you achieve all the remarkable results MeRT has to offer. In fact, many clinicians and technicians employed by various clinics that offer MeRT have gone through treatment protocols themselves. They know first-hand what the treatment can do, and as a result, want you to heal as they have.

So, take a few minutes and talk to our New Patient Coordinator. She is here for you and truly wants to help.

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Absolute Contraindications

Absolute contraindications for cortical MeRT treatment: Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Vagal Nerve Stimulator, VP Shunt/ Magnetic intracranial shunts, Deep Brain Stimulator, Epidural Cortical stimulator, Steel shunts/stents, Cranial metal fragments (i.e. shrapnel, excluding titanium), Cochlear implant, Aneurysm clips, coils, pipelines flow diversion, Pregnant or breastfeeding, Primary brain cancer / metastatic legions in brain (unless palliative care), Magnetic dental implants, Implanted cardio-verter defibrillators (ICD), Ocular implants.

Relative Contraindications

Relative contraindications require closer protocol attention and may or may not disqualify someone from receiving cortical MeRT treatment, depending on the doctor’s discretion and the person’s individual condition. These include:: History of Seizure or seizure disorder, Titanium shunts/stents, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Hearing aids, Ferrous cortical implants, Magnetic ink tattoo, Bipolar Disorder Type I/II, Baha Implant.

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